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Article Archive - 2008, Fourth Quarter
Risk and Return in Behavioral SDF-Based Asset Pricing Models
Hersh Shefrin view print

The Performances of MBS Hedge Funds and Mutual Funds: A Puzzle
Xiaoqing Eleanor Xu and Anthony L. Loviscek view print

Hedge Fund Due Diligence: A Source Of Alpha In A Hedge Fund Portfolio Strategy
Stephen J. Brown, Thomas L. Fraser and Bing Liang view print

Do Funds-of-Funds Deserve Their Fees-on-Fees?
Andrew Ang, Matthew Rhodes-Kropf and Rui Zhao view print

Measuring the Risk of Large Losses
Kay Giesecke, Thorsten Schmidt and Stefan Weber view print

Jack L. Treynor

Behavioral Investing: A Practitioners Guide to Applying Behavioral Finance by James Montier
Reviewed by Bruce Grantier