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Article Archive - 2008, Second Quarter
Are Analysts All Alike? Identifying Earnings Forecasting Ability
Louis K.C.Chan, David Ikenberry, Josef Lakonishok and Sangwoo Lee view print

Optimal Static Allocation Decisions in the Presence of Portfolio Insurance
Felix Goltz, Lionel Martellini and Koray D. Simsek view print

First Come First Disserved
Joseph Cerniglia and Joshua Livnat view print

How Does Investor Sentiment Affect the Cross-Section of Stock Returns?
Malcolm Baker, Johnathan Wang, and Jeffrey Wurgler view print

Beyond Value at Risk: Forecasting Portfolio Loss at Multiple Horizons
Lisa R. Goldberg, Guy Miller and Jared Weinstein view print

Jack L. Treynor

Capital Ideas Evolving by Peter L. Bernstein
Reviewed by Frank J. Jones